Saturday, 16 June 2012


So, I saw Macbeth. In our city, we have this lovely group who do Shakespeare in an outdoor tent environment. They have a proper stage and everything, but the back of the huge tent is open and the mountains and sea here serve as a backdrop. They're called Bard on the Beach.
It was pretty fantastic. However, the actors were yelling a lot of the time - I felt like it wasn't subtle enough. I blame this on a few things. One, the internet has turned me into a critic. Two, I have the most fantastic audio production of stories from Shakespeare ever. The actors are absolutely perfect and it all sounds so gorgeous. So I was expecting a lot. Three, I was repeating a lot of the lines over in my head, but executed by my dream cast for the play. Which is comprised of a lot of British, world-class actors. So what can you do? It was awesome, and I had a great time with my grandma, who treated me to it.
And we had sushi, which is heaven for the taste buds.
And of course, it was fantastic to be in the city.
Now I smell like sand, because of walking along the beach before the performance.
And I'm sunburned.
And earlier today I went boating with some good friends, and discussed writing, character development, and life questions, such as our opinions of BBC's Robin Hood and Whether "The God Complex" Is An Amazing Doctor Who Episode Or Not (which it is).
And presently I'm going to go mix and match the options of watching Doctor Who, writing, Tumbling too much, and drawing a poster for Macbeth starring a Doctor Who actor. God Willing, of course, because Tumblr might swallow all the time if I let it conquer me.
But it can't defeat my purposes until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane Hill.

There's my little update for today! Thanks for tuning in. This has been Silly Songs With Larry.


  1. I would LOVE to see Macbeth. I read it, but it was meant to be seen! Eventually I'll watch the Patrick Stewart movie...

    Also, this is somewhat related (to recasting things in your head as you see them): I saw the first three Potter movies last night (finally!), and my friend made an innocent comment: Tom Hiddleston would make a great Lupin. I could not unsee throughout the whole third movie.

    Grandmas are awesome. If mine was a queen, she'd be just like Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries. I remember when I took her to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the theater. #That awkward moment when your grandmother is awesome and shouts "KISS HIM!" when the Beast sets Bell free.

    Time to read my Patricia McKillip book. Awesome.

    (Everybody's got a water buffalo-oooooo.)

    1. *Belle. That was bothering me.
      NOW I get to read Heir of Sea and Fire, yayy!

    2. Oh, I've heard about that movie. I bet it's good.

      Ah! AH! Ah, he would make a fantastic Lupin. You're so right. I always imagined Lupin differently - I wasn't quite happy with the casting of him in the films. I mean, I loved him so much in the books, and he didn't seem quite sympathetic enough in the movies. But with Tom - ha, so much for not sympathetic.

      Hahah! That is amazing! :D

    3. I'm not a Lupin fangirl, but I loved the professor in the shabby robe, and when I figured out he was a werewolf, I felt so bad. Even worse when he was shutting Tonks out, and even /worse/ when they left their kid behind. D: The real question is, who would Tonks be? Now it's a different ballgame. This one would have pink hair, for instance.

    4. Yes! Ugh, it's all so tragic. Rowling! *shakes fist*
      Oooooh. That is a difficult question. Do you have anyone in mind? I don't know....

    5. Erm, nope. We discussed it and never got farther than "Augh." It's a truth universally acknowledged, however, that Karen Gillan should be Lily...

    6. Yes! So I've seen! I like it.

    7. So I remembered this, and I think I've found someone very Tonks-like. I don't know what she's been in besides Primeval, which I've only seen three episodes of, but Hannah Spearritt just feels right to me.