Monday, 18 June 2012


No one can accuse me of being a girly-girl. I'm planning on getting the terrible pink of my walls covered in a nice coat of dark blue. My favourite show consists of a lot of blowing up stuff and food for the mind between alien attacks. Look at my name! I've only met one other girl "Micah". My hair is as short as a guy's, and I admit to getting excited over a Starwars Ultimate Guide today. I'm ambitious, and I don't think about anything in life being harder for me because I'm a girl - in fact, I absolutely hate it when people say girls are worse at something than boys, if the thing in question isn't physical.
Yeah, but.

France, 1789. A war is raging, ripping a country apart. The blood-soaked people fight under a banner  that bears an inspiring trio of words: "Liberty, equality, fraternity". But the people's push for that equality is tragic - thousands of innocents are slaughtered in the lust for it.
What are we losing in our grasp at equality?

Women aren't treated very well, are they? Anywhere. In the East you have them ground underfoot, in the West, you have them smudged out of existence.
No, seriously.
Chances to express ourselves, write, make art, discover math and science, to love, to make changes to the world, and to serve our God in huge ways - fantastic. Right, I love that.
Abandoning motherhood, starving our bodies into shapes as closely resembling men as possible - armed with disrespect, disregarding the knights who come to rescue us, because we're too in love with the tower. Laughing in the face of what chivalry they still offer.

All in the pursuit of equality.

Equality isn't sameness.

The culture is pushing women out of the mould they've always been in. Well and good? No. No, not really. Not at all, actually. Okay, I don't care if you like skateboarding and you're a girl. I don't care if you like to paint and you're a boy. It doesn't matter. But I do care if the women are leading their families. If they're not submitting to their husbands. If they're taking off and leaving their children to be raised by schools and daycares. If they're killing their babies - before and after the children are conceived - 'cause they want lifestyle.

Yeah, I'm for women's rights. Define women's rights. I want girls who can be girls, and not copies of men.

What about men? This makes me even angrier, believe it or not. Men are weakening. They can't lead anymore. They're not where they were meant to be. There are lovely guys who still do their part, but notice the trend, especially in television, where the weak, passive father is ruled by the disrespectful mother. And anything else is called sexism. Men don't even treat themselves right.

It makes me want to cry - so, girls have to be men and men have to be nothing, and that's the only thing that can be, because anything else isn't equality?
Misunderstanding of the word 'equality'.

I, for one, want a leader. I want to be a helper. I was made to be a helper. That doesn't mean I can't have dreams. But I was born a girl, and I want to be one.

{I do, of course, generalise. There are many exceptions, good and bad, to all stereotypes mentioned here.}


  1. Wow, I agreed with everything here. I have three older brothers, and I am so glad they fight the trend to step up and become leaders. I can't stand to see guys treat girls like trash, but it is also annoying to see girls walk all over guys like in Disney shows (you know, the 'stupid dad' and the mom who he is afraid of?) It just makes me want to cry about how far gone our generation is. Why is our world so corrupted?
    Your blog is so interesting. love it!

    1. Whoa, thanks!

      Exactly :/ Oh, that's great to hear about your brothers, though. I have four brothers, but they're all younger than I am. I hope the Lord leads them the right way.

      Oh, thank you again! That's really nice of you to say :) thanks for stopping by!

  2. *nods every two sentences*
    "...while most reasonable people see women and men as equals, few (if any) dare to claim that femininity is masculinity's equal." Julia Serano, a quote I came across on the Real Women Never Wear Dresses trope.

  3. I've seen you around on Anna's blog but never popped over to yours except in passing - but today I read this post and just wanted to say "bravo."

    1. Lol - I'm standing in the kitchen peeling potatoes, and I just read your comment and said "oh, thank you!" out loud. To the empty kitchen. But yes, thank you!