Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy For Deep People

Short, abrupt post ahead. You have been warned.


"What's so good about sad?" "It's happy ... for deep people."

That's a hard quote to use. Because it goes, "Hey, guys, guess what, I'm deep!" But doesn't everyone have a grain of deepness? Somewhere? Isn't it a human trait? Doesn't everyone have a moment when they  hear a poem, read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a song, and suddenly see another world?
Almost touch something outside of themselves?

Most people, I think.

We go to see tragedies, and we shiver while Hamlet battles himself - Shakespeare still sells.
We listen to that song that drips with nostalgia - and again. And again.
We list "The Old Man and the Sea" as a masterpiece, and would secretly never get Hemingway to change the way he wrote it, even though it breaks our hearts.
And we re-watch The Reichenbach Fall.

What is that? What makes us find that vein of gold in the rock of old, sad things?

Really - I don't know.

My train of thought apparently falls off its rails before it even reaches the signpost that says "Profundity station: 100 miles", but what can I say? It's my last school-haunted Monday night of the year and my brain is a little bit fried. I have some deadlines to make and some books to read. Thanks for stopping by, though!

Hey, and could you tell me: what, actually, do you like me to post about? Because I look at the hits I get on various blog posts, and, for the life of me, I can't figure out the connection between the highest ones. Seriously, just tell me, I don't care what you say. I'm here for my readers, right?

Thanks again!


  1. I don't think it's that hard a quote to use, because I inevitably start giggling when I say it.
    My last week of school, too... which means I should really be there instead of on the Web.
    I don't care too much. I like your reviews a lot, or finding out about your writing projects. Or just random musings, those are fun.

    1. haha, why does it make you laugh?

      And yet... here we are. *sigh*

      Oh, thanks! Okay, well, I'll continue with randomness I guess, then - I would like to talk more about my writing projects so maybe I will do that.

      Btw, I had a random question to ask you - a while ago, on here, you said you were listening to some Florence + The Machine. I have a couple songs of hers and I LOVE them - "Cosmic Love" and "Heavy in Your Arms". Do you have any other recommendations - what are your favourite songs from her?

    2. It ruins the sad mood, and I know I'm about the farthest thing from Miss Sparrow you can find. :)

      Oh, that's lovely to hear! "Cosmic Love" is my favorite Florence song. Let's see... "Only if for a Night," "Blinding," "Hardest of Hearts," "Rabbit Heart), "Breath of Life." As a warning, most of her songs are weird/dark/angsty/tragic, but in a way that I love. For instance, "What the Water Gave Me" reminds me of the Reichenbach Fall and "Drumming Song" reminds me of the Master.

  2. "Doesn't everyone have a moment when they hear a poem, read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a song, and suddenly see another world?
    Almost touch something outside of themselves?"

    C.S. Lewis described it as a longing for heaven. I like to think that's what it is - a little glimpse of heaven.