Tuesday, 25 December 2012

ermagersh firefly

I finished Firefly and the sequel movie Serenity. It was so beautiful. As I posted on Tumblr, Serenity was hellish perfection. If you've seen it, FANGIRL WITH ME. If you haven't - it's on Netflix and I highly recommend it. There are a few scenes that have, you know, mature content, but in general the series is really worth watching. It is so lively and real, filled with absolutely vibrant characters, gripping plots, heart-shredding tragedy and a real uplifting inspiration - the themes of nomadic freedom and having a code of honour and doing better than people think you will and survival and perseverance and  finding your way in the 'verse. Good stuff.

Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS. In celebration of happiness and creys, I give you Wash spam, consisting of gifs that I don't own. (for those of you that haven't seen Firefly/Serenity, Wash is a very loveable comedic relief type character. Usually I'm not that fond of these characters, but I just attached to Wash. He's got integrity and his relationship with his wife is adorable and - I hardly even know why I'm so fond of him. I just am.)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

how i feel when sticking my head outside the window. maybe i just need to get out more often

Nights like this, you feel the earth's potential, the fact that outside your little bubble of comfy backyards there is a swarm of people who all have different worldviews and situations. Sonder is the word, I think, and it means that somewhere opposite of where you are, on a little backstreet in a quiet brick and stone English village next to a florists' down a little lane there is a house with willow trees choking it up and an old lady lives there with her passionate nostalgia and  it's a little muddy misty lane and the windows are fogged up 
and somewhere else in a teeny apartment a woman with cheap jewellery who has never really known a really comfortable life like yours, whose little bubble world is not inclusive of hours of pleasurable internet browsing, who only knows love as an abuse, lives - reading, reading is her pleasure, her passion, with crossed legs on a little couch and the apartment is the kind that you don't think smells very good when you walk in and the curtains are out of date and her whole world is trying to make her struggle worth it without even knowing it and she's in dull pain but she just loves to read and she sits with her back against orange  patterned curtains in front of a little boxy tv and waits for someone she doesn't really like to come home and makes pasta with one hand on a book
and somewhere else there's a really cold flat desert and what actually is a television? and life is lighting fire in the cold and she is human too, just as human as you but her world is a different planet earth and she is not someone who should be worried about social issues; she is a social issue, but she's happy getting an iron pail up from the well with frozen fingers and her jokes are simple and she shares a tent with her brothers and they tell ghost stories about wolves while buried under rugs and she exists outside your planet earth.
and there is a beautiful woman in london with a short skirt walking up the midnight street from Harrod's with shopping bags, chatting on a cellphone, red lipstick flashing in the city lights and she soaks in the joy of being  alive while the cars rush around her and busses  cough smoke and architecture is smogged and little does she know later on in the evening her boyfriend will pull out a diamond ring in an indian food restaurant with puppets on the ceiling and she will say yes and they'll kiss on the top level of an empty red bus as it heads home and
there are lots of lives and none of them has anything to do with yours.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


So, a few minutes ago, I was all, "You know what would be cool? If i kept a journal online where people could read it if they felt like it. Because I journal a lot and I almost want to share it."

and then i thought

there is that blog.

You will have noticed some things. Like, I haven't been around for months, there's that. This is because I got a blog on another blogging platform (Tumblr), as you've probably heard, and I use it 24/7, so Blogger was sort of left behind. Which was not entirely right, of course.

you will also have probably noticed that my grammar has disintegrated into dust. I would apologise, but, you know, I won't.

Basically, welcome back to Snippets, Slices and Scenes, and I will try to be less pretentious this time, if you'll have me.

If anyone cares, my life has been this since September:

- Intense school with a new system. This includes lots of flailing around in the dark and working harder than I ever have (which, unfortunately, isn't saying much). Side effects: sporadic crying. Also a new sense of purpose and happiness, when I've had a good day.

-ART ART ART ART WHY CAN'T I WRITE ANYMORE I SCREAM AS I MASS-PRODUCE PICTURES OF TOM HIDDLESTON. (spoiler alert: I got over my writer's block. But it took a very long time. And I wasn't just being lazy I tried and tried to write. But I was just on an art kick.)

-The Fault in Our Stars, and along with it, an almost-new way of seeing the world. Nerdfightia. All things John Green. Re-reading Hazel Grace's story on a ferry boat, crossing the ocean to see history on an island, looking out the window and seeing a timeless hazy grey sea-meets-sky line. New people to meet.

-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Bordering on a worrying obsession. As in, I looked up the COMICS and am seriously planning to buy them on Amazon. Oh yeah and I'm watching Firefly.

-Apparently I like going to the gym, which is kind of a revelation. It feels almost like being more honest with myself. Like, before, everyone said they hated it so i focused on how crappy i felt when i ran - instead of how the stairwell is all glass and the lovely smell of new paint, and how the facility is really nice, and how it actually feels very, very good to have lost some weight and become a little more fit. I get how people hate it, and i'm not trying to say I'm better than anyone for enjoying it. It's just a weird quirk of me, I guess.

It's kind of ridiculous how much I feel like I've changed since SEPTEMBER. I want to keep track of this little life, and the teeny lovely things like I said before. I feel like I wasn't writing straight from the heart, almost, though, before. Now I want to do my best to do that.

If you're still here and reading this, bless you. If you're new, hi. Bless you too.