Saturday, 21 July 2012

To the Beach

If you Google-search Whytecliff Park, Vancouver, you will find out that pictures are sometimes not worth a thousand words at all.
The only one I could find that came close to capturing the absolute, insane beauty of that place is here.

But really. You have to stand on that island, climb the rocks on the shore, get lost in the little folds and hollows of the land, look down cliffs to find secluded beaches, stand on submerged rocks and feel the raw power of the ocean spray your skirt.
You have to be there. Smell the salt. Wonder how white, fine sand got in the crevasses of rocks so high up. Chew on grass. Sing. Watch the Loon that's perched on the buoy out to sea. Look for seals among the breakers.
Stand there and cry because it's so amazing. And because you can't keep it.
No really.
There were tears in my eyes.
More than once.

Look, I hate being outside, but one day, one day when I can drive, God willing, I will pack snacks and cucumber sandwiches. I will follow the wind-y roads to the secluded seashore with music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs. I will lean into the hollow of a rock, high up, the sea crashing far below, and I will write poetry and watch the birds and the scuba divers.


The only bad thing about the place - and hey, it isn't bad, it's bittersweet, and sometimes bittersweetness is the best kind of good - is, well, it makes me feel like this.

It's so romantic. The sort of place that basically requires a special hand to hold.

But I'm only fifteen. I don't want a boyfriend. My fictional loves and I can go sit on the cliffs and I'll save the view for someone I'll spend the rest of my life with. Because it's worth it, that sky is worth it.

And that was the story of what I did a day or two ago.
Because I was bored.
Yes people.
These are the places my dad randomly takes me when I'm bored. Because we have nothing better to do.
Be jealous.
Be very jealous.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Scheduling Update

Hey guys!
I think I'm going to be posting on Mondays and Fridays, instead of Wednesdays too. I'm sorry that the summer's been such an inconsistent time.

Thanks, love you all!


Friday, 6 July 2012

Drawing Spam!

I like to draw. I'm trying to get better. It's really hard. Anywho, this is what happens when I attempt to lay pencil to paper. And I say spam 'cos this is spam. Ten pics right out of the blue. Most of them aren't really that great. I just want to share.

First drawing of Loki.

And my second. Sorry about the terrible definition.

Third, and staring to like this! This one's just better because I used an iPhone camera instead of a PhotoBooth one, and  because I chose an easy reference image.
I still think his forehead's too high?

Amy from Doctor Who. Um - this one's not very good. I just wanted to draw her hair. The face didn't work out, apparently.

Cossette from Les Miserables, in a scene that totally grabbed my heart, where she's playing with a little doll from her foster family. This is different, because it's not meant to look like too realistic, and I don't draw like that often.



...Tom Hiddleston being adorable.

And Tom again.

My favourite - Eleven<3

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This Last Year

So - um - today was my birthday. (And America's, if you were unaware.)

No deep post this time: I just had a really nice day, and, allowing some ups and downs, a pretty darn amazing year. Can I share some memories from the past 365 days? Just in snippets, as I wrote them down last night - made a bit clearer, for blogging's sake, though. 'Cause half of it would only make sense for someone living in my brain.
Starting from about now and going back towards last summer.


Thank you, Lord, for the fantastic year. Thanks for Les Miserables, Jean Valjean, (and Jean-Valjean-cast-as-Tom-Hiddleston), Fantine, the lovely free audio recordings that have brought me so much joy - thanks for school, and my wonderful online courses. For soaking in knowledge. For sharpened pencil crayons and artwork.

For music. "Sail", Florence + the Machine, Keane, Paramore, YouTube, DW fanvids. Adele. Singing while washing dishes - home alone.

The Eleventh Doctor. Thanks for the times I had staring up at the stars - chilly nights and screenless windows. Frost and wind. Worlds in Time.

For "The God Complex", Dark!Doctor, and raspberries.

Knott's Berry Farm. California. Lying in hammocks in the heated evening - used bookstores, sandals, swimsuits, morning walks, Disney Channel, heavenly smells, windmills, choir.

For that community choir. That I didn't give up on it, even though I was in it for years and was tired. For bus trips. For hanging out after Christmas concerts. For ugly outfits, for mercifully easy choreography this year. For inside jokes. For almost passing out during the recording session. Scavenger hunts. Packed lunches. Laughter.

For safety. For Ernest Hemingway, frozen yoghurt, Robin Hood and Doctor Who. Great babysitting and tame kids. The Screwtape Letters.

Thanks also for conversations with friends. Classic Who. Blogging.

Thanks for that time I was new to DW. For community group and church. For Phineas and Ferb... for Bard on the Beach, BBC, in-mind recasting - series seven hype! My family.

Thanks for Sherlock, I nearly forgot. For Sinnerman, the Fall, "Come Undone" [ ], cliffhangers. "Jim Moriarty, hi!"

For HP8, and how could I forget the Hunger Games? Endless awesomeness.

The pure, otherworldly beauty of our vacation spot - rain - Jonsi [ ], and Mockingjay. That new-book smell that was totally unique to the world of Panem.

Winnie the Pooh, road trips.

For phases, and memory, and vivid dreams. And vivid DW rewatches - "Flesh and Stone"!

And so many other things I'm forgetting. Whoa, my brain holds so much sensation.

Thank you.