Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This Last Year

So - um - today was my birthday. (And America's, if you were unaware.)

No deep post this time: I just had a really nice day, and, allowing some ups and downs, a pretty darn amazing year. Can I share some memories from the past 365 days? Just in snippets, as I wrote them down last night - made a bit clearer, for blogging's sake, though. 'Cause half of it would only make sense for someone living in my brain.
Starting from about now and going back towards last summer.


Thank you, Lord, for the fantastic year. Thanks for Les Miserables, Jean Valjean, (and Jean-Valjean-cast-as-Tom-Hiddleston), Fantine, the lovely free audio recordings that have brought me so much joy - thanks for school, and my wonderful online courses. For soaking in knowledge. For sharpened pencil crayons and artwork.

For music. "Sail", Florence + the Machine, Keane, Paramore, YouTube, DW fanvids. Adele. Singing while washing dishes - home alone.

The Eleventh Doctor. Thanks for the times I had staring up at the stars - chilly nights and screenless windows. Frost and wind. Worlds in Time.

For "The God Complex", Dark!Doctor, and raspberries.

Knott's Berry Farm. California. Lying in hammocks in the heated evening - used bookstores, sandals, swimsuits, morning walks, Disney Channel, heavenly smells, windmills, choir.

For that community choir. That I didn't give up on it, even though I was in it for years and was tired. For bus trips. For hanging out after Christmas concerts. For ugly outfits, for mercifully easy choreography this year. For inside jokes. For almost passing out during the recording session. Scavenger hunts. Packed lunches. Laughter.

For safety. For Ernest Hemingway, frozen yoghurt, Robin Hood and Doctor Who. Great babysitting and tame kids. The Screwtape Letters.

Thanks also for conversations with friends. Classic Who. Blogging.

Thanks for that time I was new to DW. For community group and church. For Phineas and Ferb... for Bard on the Beach, BBC, in-mind recasting - series seven hype! My family.

Thanks for Sherlock, I nearly forgot. For Sinnerman, the Fall, "Come Undone" [ ], cliffhangers. "Jim Moriarty, hi!"

For HP8, and how could I forget the Hunger Games? Endless awesomeness.

The pure, otherworldly beauty of our vacation spot - rain - Jonsi [ ], and Mockingjay. That new-book smell that was totally unique to the world of Panem.

Winnie the Pooh, road trips.

For phases, and memory, and vivid dreams. And vivid DW rewatches - "Flesh and Stone"!

And so many other things I'm forgetting. Whoa, my brain holds so much sensation.

Thank you.


  1. So this was lovely. I'm so glad God gave you a fantastic year.
    I never thought to picture Tom as Valjean... I hadn't seen Loki yet. I wavered between Hugh Jackman, whom I knew had been cast, and Liam Neeson (who will always be Aslan to me first and foremost). Then I got to see the musical live, and didn't think about anyone but the singer on stage. He was fantastic - Peter Lockyer if you want to check him out.
    I like Keane, too. "The Frog Prince" particularly, closely followed by "Black Burning Heart." I always sing while I work, which apparently annoyed everyone else at camp this week.
    The sheer amount of times Doctor Who showed up... I know what you mean. It sounds weird, but that show changes things. It changed my writing, the way I look at characters... what I do with my internet time. For the better, I hope. (I love Worlds in Time's designs.)
    So basically this was lovely and you're lovely and I'm glad your birthday was lovely.

    1. Thank you! :D
      Coolness! I have so many recommendations for the musical - I'll keep it in mind.
      I love "Somewhere Only We Know" - I haven't heard those other two! I'll have to check them out. Oh, for me, singing is even more natural than being quiet. I can't not sing when I work! Eheh.
      hahahhaha, yep, it came up A LOT.
      So, so true. Me as well - and yes! I copied Worlds in Time's designs for a while. T'was so fun. It has impacted my life in insanely great ways. Eternal ways, indirectly.
      Thank you!

    2. But I didn't ask you: how is the camp going? Or are you back?

    3. I got back yesterday... it was great, entirely rewarding despite the intense heat. (Seriously, we'd hang out in the freezer and eat cold cookies when we were done.) It's one of my favorite places on planet Earth... but I'm glad to be home.

    4. Awesome!! :D well, I'm glad you're back too ;) haha, that sounds fun. Hanging out in the freezer. It's totally warmed up here, too.