Saturday, 9 June 2012

Isn't It Beautiful

Isn't it beautiful-
I know it can be terrible. I know it can be used, like everything, to sow evil in the land.
But forget, for a moment, and think.
Isn't it gorgeous that no one cares.
We're souls. Souls floating around and meeting each other. Faceless souls.
And this means that race and colour lose their potency. That no one cares if you're a bit overweight. Scars don't show. Neither does that terrible haircut. Doesn't matter if you're deaf, unable to speak, or paralysed.
Look terrible when you cry? Cry all you want, because you're just a soul crying. No one will shun you because those clothes are hand-me-down. If you're burned, blemished, disabled, inept. Simply ugly.
Well, we can't see.
Gorgeous? Carry yourself like a queen? Hottest hair ever? Work out just to look good?
Sorry. You're just a soul and your body is made of dust. No one can see the dust.
Souls are made of starlight.
Only starlight shines through the dark that we've made, here. The vacuum of cyberspace.

Isn't it beautiful that here, on the internet, a dangerous place, full of ruffians and wolves and ice, full of distractions and tripwires - isn't it beautiful that we can stay in the light, walking with friends, our feet never touching the ground. Like flying.
(Except it's sitting on a chair).

I know there are the ups and the downs, the trues and the falses of this. Yesses and nos. Flaws.

But if you have a brain and you speak to others of equal brainage, and you both let that little grey man fill in for you in the profile picture meeting -
Well, no one cares that you're Asian or European or American. If you speak with an accent. If you stutter.

We're ambassadors. Distance and difference don't keep us apart.


  1. This is the best thing about the internet I've ever read. I mean that.

  2. Yes.


    A soul. An beautiful, human soul. We're all alike when you boil it down to that.