Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I've been tagged by the amazing Zoe Alice Latimer  Lostariel.

If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers. (this is the bit I might cheat on, since I actually don't KNOW that many blogs and I'm shy as heck when it comes to tagging people.)
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Random facts about me:

1. There's this one game I play that I like to say I'm fantastic at. I'm not THAT good, but I've managed to beat all the levels except for one, so I get a bit smug now and again. DEIMOS RISING BABY. Pew, pew, pew! *shooting sounds, which is OOC for Micah*

2. I wear my "The Angels Have the Phonebox" t-shirt with pride.

3. I sent JK Rowling fanmail once. I got a form letter back, but it was, like, the friendliest form letter you ever did see.

4. I only watched like fifteen minutes of the Olympics. *ashamed* I DIDN'T EVEN INTERACT WITH THE GOOGLE CARTOONS

5. I have hated the Inheritance Cycle and I have loved it, and I hope that I have judged it well.

6. If your fanvid has lovely colouring and is HD, I'm pretty much sold. If it doesn't, I'm a lot less quick to love it. I'm so superficial.

7.  My first ever chapter story, written when I was eight or nine, was about a mouse, and opened with the line "Hisses rent the air." Unfortunately, that was about the only good bit.

8. I judge you if you like My Little Pony. I'm sorry, I can't help it. Now, whether that is my problem, born of ignorance or spite, I leave it to you to decide.

9. My favourite sport is introducing new people to Doctor Who. Picking the right fanvid to get them intrigued is an art. I hope I get someone with -this- one, sometime, because I really want to try it. Or -this- one. Or -

10. I love the word "snarfed". Snarf. Snarfing.

11.  I'm sitting in the kitchen right now, eating ice cubes plain out of a massive plastic cup my sister got in California and listening to Coldplay.

Answers for Lostariel:

1. If you could meet your death at the hand of any fictional character, who would be your worthy opponent?
   I wouldn't mind being killed by a Weeping Angel. I'd still have years left to live - we all age to death, so doing it in a different time frame doesn't make too much of a difference.

2. What kind of character would you be in a science fiction epic?
     The one that dies conveniently but rather tragically in the cold open, to show how evil/dangerous the villain is. Or maybe just the one that gets shot in the battle but isn't important, you know those kinds?

3. If you decided to be a super villain, would you win? Why or why not?
     Actually, I think I would get pretty far. Most likely not all the way, but I'd have a lot of history to learn from. Also, I wouldn't be motivated by an emotionally scarring backstory, nor pure spite. I'd be evil for no reason, because I decided to be, and because of that, I'd be more detached and I think I'd avoid pitfalls more easily. I'd have to have a few faithful cronies and a bit more of a British accent, though.

4. Pick a plant - tree, flower, herb, or something else flora. Now character sketch: What is his/her personality as a human?
     Tumbleweed's a traveller. He never suffered tragedies, not exactly, but he's detached from his family and loves no one. He doesn't know a better life, so doesn't angst about it, but he's as sad as you would expect someone like that to be, sad with a grey deadness that he can't pinpoint. Tumbleweed doesn't even know himself where it comes from. He travels far and wide, subconsciously looking for beautiful things, but he was never taught the difference between loveliness and plainness, so he's only got a raw instinct to go on, and often passes wonderful things and gorgeous historical landmarks without a thought. Tumbleweed's all about subconsciousness - he's sad and lonely there, and he knows his life could be better down in his heart. But he has no idea how to articulate any of this. He lives on pennies and goes where the wind carries him.
     What will happen when the wind stops?

5. What's an unpopular opinion you hold about music?
     These are hard questions. I don't know that I hold very many unpopular opinions about music. I'm pretty easy going in that area. I like what I like and what I don't I leave be.

6. What do you do with notebooks/sketchpads/journals/diaries/similar once you've filled them up?
     I keep them in a memory box, and then, after a few years, re-read them and judge my younger self. To the point that I sometimes feel insecure writing in diaries, because I can feel seventeen year old Micah peering over my shoulder and not understanding the way I feel.

7. Your doorbell rings. Surprise! It's me! What is your first thought/action?
     AAAGH! IT'S YOU. *HUGE HUG* come inside and we'll make tea and then we can go explore the city together okay? okay.

8. What book/movie/show do you love that you wouldn't recommend to anyone else?
     That is a fantastic question. There are always those things, right? Well, I'm dabbling in the Supernatural fandom, and I have a huge feeling that if I ever did watch it, that would be the show I'd never recommend, but secretly love for reasons only I understand. Right now, though, I can't think of any. Though I put modifiers on Sherlock.

9. You offer a shivering eight-year-old stranger your coat. She smiles at you, and you're not sure if it's a nice smile or a cruel smile, and runs away. You stick your hands in your pockets only to find something in them that wasn't there before. What is it?
     It's glowing, alive, but hard shelled, smooth as diamond. You shake your head - after walking home, Googling it, and staring at it on your shelf for a while, you decide to take it to a jeweller, and see what it's worth. Goodness knows where it came from, but you could use some extra cash.
     How could you guess that you were just the first human being in the world to look at a song?
     Let us forgive your ignorance. But you could at least have figured out what kind of song it was.

10. What is the loveliest voice to fall asleep to?
     Ach, that sounds so romantic. I've never fallen asleep to someone's voice. I can think of some voices I wouldn't mind, like, reading to me or comforting me if we were in the middle of an adventure together, and had camped out at an abandoned house, and needed something to chase away the cold. But as for actually naming those voices - *dodges question*

11. Did you ever get excited when you found out two people you know (or know of) know each other? If so, who?
     Not really - maybe once or twice, but not drastically, as far as I can remember. Sorry.

New questions:

1. If you met a Boggart/found your room at the God Complex/were marched towards room 101 in the Ministry of Love, what would await you? If it's a too personal of a question, just tell us your favourite ice cream flavour. Unless, of course, your worst fear is ice cream. Then you can just leave this blank.

2. How did Sherlock survive?

3. Which do you prefer - nice eyes or a nice smile?

4. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

5. What is the best smelling book you ever did sniff?

6. Are you the crying type? (The Fall, Doomsday, Toy Story 3?)

7. Which fictional villain makes you the most frightened or angry?

8. What would your dream room look like? ...Your dream house?

9. If you could only see everything in one font, from now on, what font would you pick?

10. Mac or PC?

11. You're a contestant in the Hunger Games. Detail this for us. What's your strategy? Training score? Do you win, or ... not? If you feel like it, give us even more. Outfits? Favourite thing about the Capital? District? What's the arena like this year?


madis hartte,
Nicki T.,


  1. This looks really fun, Micah!
    (I'm working on it right now....it just might take a while, cuz I"m really busy.)

    Your favorite "sport" (LOL) is pretty funny. I've experienced it first hand too :DDD

    And I must agree about the "My Little Pony" bit :P

  2. LOL. Call me by whatever name you please; I like my various pseudonyms equally although they came about different ways. For the record, my real name is Anna, which I also like. :)

    Fact 3: I got a nice form postcard from Gail Carson Levine, and an entire form fan-packet from Brian Jacques, which was adorable. I used to imagine him reading it aloud in that Liverpool accent he always opened the cartoon with... which was a rubbish cartoon, by the way, but IT IS PART OF THE REDWALL EXPERIENCE.
    Fact 5: What I got out of that was BOOK THIEF FTW I OWN IT NOW (bought it, didn't steal it)
    7. My first chapter story was about an otter! It was the Redwall thing again. The first line was, "A young ottermaid awoke to the sound of a whip cracking and the frightened shrieks of a slave getting whipped," which sadly is the quality of the whole story.
    4. and. 9. Rock.

    My Little Pony isn't horrendous. I only know this because I sat in on the first episode with my little sister, and the main character reminded me of myself (trying to get the other crazy ponies to leave her alone so she could read her book and save the world thankyouverymuch).

    1. I know :D

      Whoa, that is way too cool. I never saw the cartoon, actually. Does that mean I'm like not an official Redwaller?

      I have to read that, or at least look over it. I've heard both good things and bad things. But I really, really love that quote. It's so beautiful.


      Thank you, thank you *bows* ;)

      Ehehe. I know, I bet if I saw it I wouldn't be that hard on it. But ponies. PONIES. I find it hard to take ponies seriously.

    2. No, you're still a Redwaller. But if you've never heard Mr. Jacques's voice, you should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K62jdWsSQc (I couldn't find the cartoon intro apart from the theme song, but this is MUCH better.)

      Well, there is a good deal of language, most of it in German. Other than that I can't think of any warnings. It's so beautifully written.

    3. Aw, he seems like such a nice and fun guy! This makes me doubly sad he's gone. *clicks on some of the cartoons* - ALL the nostalgia. Not that I watched the cartoons, like I said, but it reminds me vividly of the books. Lol, of course there would be a hearty food description - Redwall had the best fictional food ever.
      Yeah, that's what my friend said - she said the German language bothered her. But it does sound beautiful apart from that. I think I would like to try it out..........

  3. Micah, great post! Parts made me laugh. Although how anyone could hate The Inheritance Cycle is beyond me. :P
    I've gotten fan e-mails back from a couple authors, and those were pretty awesome!
    ~Sarah Faulkner


    1. Thanks! :D Uh, idk - the last one was just so disappointing. And I don't think the writing is the strongest. And it's cliched. But it was such a huge thing for me, a little while ago.

      That does sound awesome! I've never had fanmail replied to - wait, i tell a lie. I got a letter back from the American Girl company when I was eight. That was pretty cool.