Friday, 18 May 2012

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Because referencing Shakespeare in your post titles makes you automatically well-read.
(Totally joking, by the way.)

Dreams. Is it just me - no, it isn't just me, because I know some people who are having the same thing. But I'll ask anyway: is it just me, or did everyone have a ton of vivid dreams when they were fourteen or fifteen? (Le gasp! Giving away of the age on the internet!*). Or - because I know this happens, too - is it a Doctor Who thing?
Because I've lost count of how many times I've traveled with the Doctor. What was with that world the TARDIS landed in that was made of Jello and filled with Orwellian dystopia characters, anyway? And I'm pretty sure the Capitol didn't get the memo that you can't sign a girl up for the the Hunger Games seven times. And I think sending Halo: Reach characters into the arena to kill me is against the rules, too. Have I really been to summer camp that many times? I was an elite ninja with my friend's mum once, have you ever done that? Then there was this terribly embarrassing moment at choir where I walked up on stage and I wasn't in my uniform. But one of the times I'm most happy with is the time I watched Donna Noble and the Eleventh Doctor escape from Weeping Angels, investigate the Hound of Baskerville, and then hang out and have an emotionally relevant chat about regeneration.
Yeah. Not even going to Eygpt with Churchill and having the Doctor as a boarder in our multicoloured fairytale house can beat that one.

What kind of dreams do you guys have? I love hearing about the marvellous adventures we all go on in the night.

On a completely different note, a note which is not even part of the real [and very short] above post:
I've had an idea boiling in my head for a while now, but it came to the surface just now. KidWholock. Tell me it would work.
Just bear with me for a second - the Doctor has a son with River (I know the Doctor having a child is cliche. But I'm already writing that idea and you can't stop me! *runs away laughing maniacally*). Because the child is too young to travel, and River is dead at the Library, the Doctor leaves the boy with the Ponds. They bring him up normally. The Doctor pops in for dinners. Anyway, they send Theta (the kid) to public school, and at recess he meets the Holmes boys, Mycroft and Sherlock. They start having adventures and solving mysteries, though they get off to a rough start, because Sherlock has no care for the solar system and, along with Mycroft, seriously doubts that Theta's dad is who he says he is.
And Grandpa Rory has been teaching Theta how to do that awesome punch where the kid - *ahem* - enemy who is opposing you gets knocked out cold for a full five minutes.
But they start getting along after a while.
And there's the lonely John Watson who teams up with them sometimes.
And, getting off to an early start, is James from kindergarten who keeps ziplock bags of powdered, deadly poison in his multicoloured school cubbyhole.

Yeah? No?

*Not to be flippant, but, well, if someone really wanted to know how old I was, in a creepy way, it's not like they couldn't find out anyway. It is on my Facebook, if you look back to the last time it was my birthday.


  1. Micah! *gasp* you revealed your age on the internet! Now someone is sure to stalk you and murder you and send weeping angels after you to transport you to the 60's.

    Dreams - I've had really vivid dreams before. I don't think it's just at the age of 14 and 15 either. I once had a dream that David Tennant came to our church. After the service I was standing there just chatting with him - I don't even remember about what - and we were having a great time and then he realized he had to go so he said goodbye and left. And after he had gone I realized that I hadn't got his autograph! And I was disappointed.

    Kid Wholock. Ha, that's funny. I'd like to see that. Ooh, what about Jenny, the Doctor's daughter (from series... 4, I think)? Maybe she can pop in now and then. She would be Theta's "sister" (half sister?). :)

    1. I must flee!

      Oh, that's awesome. I met David Tennant once, we did acting together. Then we went on the TARDIS, so maybe it was the Doctor after all. That's so cool though! :D

      Yeah, series four. It's a good idea! But.. ohhh... I've never really *loved* her character. I don't know....

  2. YES. I have so many vivid dreams that it's not even funny. (I'm 16 as of last month. It's an awesome age.) I'm trying to think of some so I can share with you... well, the other night I had a dream that I was in a wedding. I was a bridesmaid, and the theme for the bridesmaids was for each of them to pick a Disney princess and dress up as them. I picked Rapunzel. It was awesome.

    I have lots of dreams about the Hunger Games. It's quite annoying, and yet amusing too. One time I had this dream that I was picked for a logic-based version of THG. My district counterpart was Owl City and Larry-Boy was there too. Oh my. Welcome to my mind.

    And of COURSE I don't mind you stopping by my blog. At all. Your comment made my day! And I'm so glad I've found your blog. Your posts all make me smile. You have a winsome way of writing and your distinctive voice definitely, definitely comes through. I love it.

    1. P.S. - Though I love being 16, I completely miss being 15 too. Fifteen was one of my FAVORITE ages. Ever. May you enjoy it as much as I!

      *le gasp!* I just gave my age away on the internet too! *falls over dramatically*

    2. Hahhaha! Larry-boy and Owl City? That is amazing.
      Oh, thank you! Thanks so much! :)

      I hope I do! Thank you! And thanks for coming by and checking out my blog, it really means a lot to me!

      Doom and despair! *falls over dramatically as well*

  3. I prefer to let everyone guess my age and hope they think I'm older than I am. :P
    That's my situation. Doctor Who and everything else. Once I was in a van in this city parkinglot at night, and I saw the silhouette of a person outside the window. I thought, "Hey, I know that outline!" and threw open the door to reveal Matt Smith in full Doctor getup, complete with bowtie (no fez).
    I grinned and said, "Hi!"
    He said, "Oh, hi, Anna, I have to pee but in a second I'll be back."
    I giggled and didn't notice his use of my name.
    When he came back, I had fished out my Series 5 soundtrack and a marker and handed it to him. "I know you didn't write the music, but it IS a picture of you..."
    So he signed it "To my astranomical fan" - I don't know why, and he spelled "astronomical" wrong. After getting a picture with him, I told him to say hi to Karen and Arthur and also to tell them that if Rory or Amy dies I'm going to kill Steven Moffat. "Or you can tell Steven," I added cheerfully. He went on his way.
    Soon after we drove away (by this time my family, or at least my dad, was was with me - I think the parkinglot was to a restaurant or something and they had been eating). You know those gas stations or rest areas you go to on the road, and later you'll come across one that looks exactly the same? Well, we drove into this identical parkinglot later, and I kept telling myself it was the same deal.
    Except Matt Smith was still there, so it was the same one.
    And now he had a fez. Then I realized that he had known my name... and that he wasn't Matt, he was the Doctor, and the reason we had ended up back at the parkinglot was because the Earth was caught in some sort of loop in time that we were never going to escape unless the Doctor did something or other, and he didn't know what yet. So, naturally, I ran out of the van and pledged my allegiance as a companion.
    Which, according to him, I already was in my future and his past, which is how he knew me.

    1. Haha! Well, it's working, I've always assumed you're older than me.
      What a great stamp :D

      Oh. My. Goodness. That was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Your dreams are Moffat-worthy. *clapclapclapclap*