Friday, 11 May 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Friday

Friday nights are the good nights.
But I haven't posted for what, three days? Sorry. Again, I meant to post every other day, but I seem to consistently forget about it. Ugh.
Scenes from today? Since, I guess that's what I mean to post here, you might forgive me for being random tonight. This was the last twenty four hours for me:

-Firstly, sleeping in. The sheets being so warm. That is love.

-Then the mountains. Olympic venues because we're cool like that. Going down again, the sea and the city, and sand, sand everywhere. Sand making my hair thick, sand being shovelled away to make secret tunnels under the logs on the beach, sand under my jacket and in my shoes. Seagulls being chased away from our lunch. I wonder what seagulls see us as. I almost think there wouldn't be much difference between a scavenging seagull's view and a human's - both parties see themselves contending with a screeching creature that is claiming food it has no right to. I don't know.

-Playing the iPod DJ is a strenuous job. It involves pushing other people to the limits, while trying to be nice. Estimating their chances of going bonkers if you put on another Chameleon Circuit song.

-Finishing the Doctor Who TV movie. All those who have given it negative reviews shall be hunted down. It is amazing. Eight is awesome! He totally deserves more screen time than he has. He's a bit confused, though. (The Doctor is so not half human on his mum's side. His mum is part of the council of the Time Lords [The End of Time]. Though of course the fact that it's his mother isn't canon. But there's a lot of contradictory evidence, isn't there?)

-Babysitting, wondering if I'll ever make a good mother. I mean, if I had kids, part of me likes the idea of keeping them off TV for a while, but the other half of me says that that's terribly limiting. And there is no way I'd be able to resist the temptation to stick my kids in front of the screen.

-Playing cars is actually not as boring as you'd think. When the sun's pouring in through the window and you're lying with your face on the rug, it's actually kind of entertaining to crash a fat plastic truck into a similarly shaped train over and over.

-Watching two episodes BBC's Robin Hood and being thoroughly unimpressed. Sorry, Alexandria. I will give it more chances, though, because I know I wouldn't want someone to write off Doctor Who after seeing "Rose" and "The End of the World". But it feels lacking. It's running off a really low budget, and I know that should never matter, but odd camera work distracts from the storytelling, and, frankly, I don't find anything inspiredly new and amazing about the story itself, as far as I've seen. It didn't strike me as bad, it didn't strike me as brilliant. The villain was okay. He reminded me a bit of Moriarty, which is always fantastic. I could almost hear Andrew Scott saying some of the lines. But I felt like his character took a turn for the weaker in episode two. Robin was also pretty entertaining, but not shining. So there's my obnoxious opinion. ;)

-Going to get frozen yogurt from someone else's fridge. Feeling like a raider even though the parents who hired me to take care of their children said "take any of the food."

-Watching the fifteen minutes of "The God Complex" that I pre-loaded, then having to stop because I don't know the WiFi password around where I am… got our first-world problems.

-Finishing Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" and throwing the book on the floor when it was done. Pretty much yelling the whole of the last quarter. Who knew fishing could have so much heart in it? How did the author manage to do that? I haven't been so emotionally engaged in a book for a while. To be fair, I haven't read anything for a while, which is terrible - this is the internet's regime (yeah, I like to blame a lot of my problems on the internet) - but seriously, the book I'm reading right now is "1984" by George Orwell, and if anything's emotionally detached, it's that.

-And now, God willing, heading off to finish the rest of "The God Complex" and to write for a few hours. To maybe worry over homework. Oh, no, here comes the fretting as I type - I could be watching the exam study session archive right now. Nah, I won't, I'll do it tomorrow. Or Monday. Because I'm such a party animal.

Like I said, Friday nights rule.
So…. what did you guys do today?


  1. I understand your opinion on ROBIN HOOD!!! But just GIVE it more time!!! (Doctor Who is on a pretty small budget as well ;))

    1. I will! I know - well, I guess they manage it really, really well.

  2. I heard one theory that the Doctor was called half-human as an insult because he was born physically instead of made on the Looms.
    I'm reading a boring book called Stick to the Raft, but I have to because a friend's mom asked me to review it for her. Also reading Lilith by George MacDonald, which is interesting but not a whirlwind of excitement. Fortunately, I got to listen to a radio drama of Othello yesterday on a car trip, and that is BRILLIANT.
    Happy Mother's Day! I don't know, do you have that today in Canada?

    1. Not that you're a mother, but still.

    2. Yes! I read that story, too. That's kind of my headcanon - that he was physically born instead of Loomed, I mean.
      Oh, I LOVE Othello. What radio drama was it?

      Yeah, we have it. Happy mother's day to you too, even though it's belated because I'm so lazy about catching up to my emails. Sorry. :)

    3. Hmm, let's see. Ewan McGregor was Iago, Tom Hiddleston was Cassio, and Edward Bennett was Roderigo. The Donmar Warehouse production, I think?