Monday, 28 May 2012

Ambition: Healthy and Un-

So, today as I was watching Doctor Who confidential, I experienced this terrible wave of envy. It was a scene showing Steven Moffat narrating the episode script for "The Eleventh Hour". It was filming the read-through table he was at (with Matt, Karen, and a bunch of actors), and then cutting to the actual episode, where his words sprang to life on screen.
And I thought, "Steven Moffat, I should like to be you."

It's actually a little bit creepy, because I'm pretty sure the Pottermore sorting hat never asked me anything about ambition. And yet, it saw that Slytherin streak in me, that is apparently pretty strong. That streak that is good, when it drives me to write and to log off the internet more often (haha... yeah, right) but that kills when I don't give it up to God.

Really, having people blogging and Tumbling about how much they hate me would be just my cup of tea. It would be love. It'd mean that I'd done something with storytelling. But when I latch on to that good drive - the drive to reach people's hearts with stories - and hold it too tight, it really becomes poison.

Moralistic happy time! Gather 'round, children, pull up an animal puzzle foamy mat! Trust in God and He'll give you everything you could dream of! He'll make it easy and safe! Keep smiling, and if things don't go exactly to your plan, that's because you're a BAD CHRISTIAN and you're DOING something WRONG.

No. Seriously, no. That would only be worse. It'd be leading and letting God do the work rather than letting God lead and doing the work He directs. Not that He doesn't help us, but His aim is His Glory and not ours.
And so the dreams wouldn't come through.

But if God wants people organizing raiding parties to hunt me down, because I've touched and kind of torn apart their hearts with a story, then you bet they will, no matter what the odds are.

And if He doesn't, then who cares?
I think I'd rather be on His team. He's the scriptwriter, in the end.


So I hope this whole thing didn't feel like an episode of "Moralistic Happy Time", lol.


  1. No, no. I know exactly how this is. Although I don't think I'd like to be the Moff, because he's too smug for his own good. Whenever I try to torture a reader, I end up blubbering on my knees for them to forgive me.
    Also, you're on Pottermore, like me! Only I'm in Ravenclaw.

    1. Haha! I DO end up apologising to readers who say I've made them cry, even though I'm really not...
      Oh! What's your Pottermore name?

  2. Wow, Micah, you really want people to hate you? ;)

    I would pull out my animal puzzle foamy mat but it got ripped into little pieces. I can still come to Moralistic Happy time though, right?

    haha, I'm joking, I don't think it was too moralistic. You have a really good point. Something I need to remember a little more often. He is the scriptwriter, and I'd rather be on His side. :)

    BTW I nominated ya:

    1. I really do xD Because, deep under, do us Whovians realllly hate Steven Moffat? Like seriously? Meh, I think not. Really, we love him, but we love him so much we hate him to death. Make sense? No... thought not.

      Hahahah, of course! Join right in, there's always room in the happy circle.

      Thank you! And thanks so much for the nomination! I have to get around to checking everyone's blogs out. From FWW i mean. :) And I have to look at yours more often! I've been a bit lazy on catching up on everyone's blogging. Your blog is great, though!

    2. To quote a story, "I don't think I'd be able to hate you so much right now if I didn't care SO deeply underneath."

      Lauren: I have your blog bookmarked to check out, because every time I see it, I think, "Ooh, writing fun!" Soon I'll join you there...

    3. Oh, that's a PERFECT quote.