Wednesday, 25 April 2012

In the Rain

Now that my dad, like the proud parent he is, has shared my blog on Facebook, and I have become an internet-wide sensation -
Haha, yeah, right, me and my three followers.
No, I'm completely content.

It's hard not to be content when our backyard looks the way it does. Well, truth is it's always easy to be discontent about something. But the colours.
I profess to dislike spring, for a few reasons. It's such an in-between-y season, and adds more dreariness after the dull of winter. I mean, I like rain, but seriously. And - I don't know. So many people gush poetry about spring, that, like kittens, maybe it's something that I actually appreciate at my core, but that I've rejected because of how often people share pictures of it. And put watercolour paintings of it on cards, over some shallow, vaguely happy sentiment written in flowing cursive.
But, in the end, I will pet a kitten, and I will watch the spring colours in the rain.
And they're absolutley gorgeous.
(Not kittens.)
Because all of the trees around our yard are waking up under the clouds. And the birds are singing.

I noticed all this because Jon, my baby brother, likes watching the outside world, so I was holding him up to the open window. It cost us a sock of his, which took a daring tumble down the roof and is now in doomed to spend the rest of its days in the gutter, but I think the rainy view was worth it. And the sock is in good company. It has my beaded TARDIS and a kitchen spoon for friends.

The backyard really is a lot more amazing than you'd think, if you know our backyard. It's just a patch of moss. No, I'm serious. But the neighbours provide the vegetation, hanging over the fences - the family on the left has given us the gorgeous tree that recently snowed pink blossoms outside my window, and the family directly opposite has contributed two vivid green, spindly plants, as well as the bushy patch of purple leaves - a Red Maple, I think - popping up over the corner of the fence. And then there's the sky. People don't think about the sky much, but really, it's amazing. Especially at night.
Even though my favourite stars (the constellation of Orion, aka the Bowtie stars) left me a long time ago. They headed west. *Cue "Return of the King" ending scenes soundtrack*

Not the most entertaining of posts, but, uh ...
Okay, I'll go out with a bang.
A bang for nerds.
I'm getting a sonic screwdriver this evening - God willing, of course.
I'm so excited!


  1. No, this wasn't dull. It was thoughtful (something my blog rarely manages to be). I'm entertained by all your ramblings, although I have to say, I love kittens. I would rent out my room for the chance to own a kitten - and I'm mildly allergic.
    Enjoy your sonic! Which Doctor's? I have Eleven's because one of my friends already had Ten's; we didn't want to mix them up.

    1. Well, thank you! But your blog us much more fun and enjoyable - trust me :D
      Yeah, my mom is too. I really do wish we could have a cat, but we can't because of that. And the fact my dad is against pets ...
      Same deal with me - actually, I have two friends who have Ten's screwdriver. Plus - I don't know. There would be something so very satisfying about scanning something and then flipping the claw-bit on the end up to view the readings.
      (I didn't end up getting it yesterday, the shop was closed).

    2. So's my dad. *sigh*
      I do that with my sonic ALL THE TIME. It's terribly satisfying. On Thanksgiving my uncle brought a fez over, and that was even more satisfying. That shop had better open soon, then!

    3. We can mourn together :(
      It did :D And oh my goodness, yes it is. I'm doing it repeatedly right now. Wow, that's epic. I'm going to wear my converse. Though, of course, that doesn't really go, but still. :D