Monday, 23 April 2012

Parmesan Cheese

If it's Maggie's turn to set the table, it's usually obvious. You come down to dinner, and, instead of having the opportunity to nab a prime, bench-end seat, your place is assigned to you already. There's a napkin covering your plate, with your name and a heart scrawled in vivid marker across it. In a place that is decidedly not beside dad. Because the place beside dad is the seat to fight for, and the Youngers can't just go giving it away to Olders. Because the Olders - or this Older, at least - barely care where they eat, as long as there's elbow room.

Sometimes it's more subtle, though. I didn't really register the fact that Maggie was the architect of tonight's dinner layout until -

Well, there were crumbly parmesan cheese bits smeared on the tablecloth beside me. And beside Tim. And beside Nathanael. We started to dust them off, and somebody made a comment about the 'mess'. And mum explained (while Maggie glowed beside her) that Maggie had spilled cheese in one place, and wanted to make a pattern around the table.

Sure enough, there it was, beside every plate. Who needs plastic food for decoration? We've got the real thing.

Oh, and I made a blog today. Which is odd, and I'm still working out the technicalities of it. I have this weird little tic which makes me nervous about things I'm not entirely familiar with, or that I feel intimidated by, but happily it isn't bothering me right now. Also, something strange about this blog that I'm not sure who the audience I'm writing to is. Online friends? (In which case, should I have a separate blog for people I only know online? For privacy's sake and all the et ceteras of that?) People who already know me?
Or is nobody reading? Am I just typing into empty space?

Problems to be solved later on.


  1. At my house, usually the only seat left is next to my dad. Your sister sounds really sweet, though, making her patterns. :) This reminds me, I'm being called for dinner, and I once again realize that internet has swallowed my afternoon whole.

    1. She is ;) Though she's quite the chatterbox.
      Haha, happens to me all the time.
      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. The Olders vs. the Youngers... the classic battle.

    Yes, just typing away into empty space. At least that's what it feels like when you first start. ;)

    In case you're wondering why this random stranger is commenting on your blog, let me reassure you. I'm Lauren - yes the Lauren from Fiction Writing Workshop with Mr. Jones. You mentioned a blog today in class so I Googled "Micah Eaton blog" and found you!

    I'm going to go follow this blog now (by the way, if you add the "followers" gadget it's easier for people to follow you.)

    1. Lol! Well, that's very nice of you. Thanks!
      Oh, and thanks for the tip - uhh, how do I add that? Because I'm an idiot. :)

    2. No, you're not an idiot. You're a highly functioning un-tech-savvy person. Do your research. ;)

      Well actually, I'm not exactly sure how to do everything with the new changes that Blogger made... but I think to add the followers gadget you would

      go to layout
      click on the link that says "add a gadget"
      scroll down until you find "followers"
      click "add gadget"

      Hope that works. :)

    3. Lol :D

      Okay! Thanks so much!