Monday, 3 September 2012

7x01 {Extreme Asylum of the Daleks spoilers}

Snape kills Dumbledore, Darth Vader is Luke's dad, and Oswin is a Dalek.

Moffat's done it again. Basically, that sums up the episode: whether you liked it or not probably depends on what you think Moffat does. If you are of the opinion that he's a terrible writer and can only look at the flaws of an Eleven episode, then you aren't going to enjoy Asylum of the Daleks, whereas if you worship the ground the current showrunner treads on, you'll love it. But it can't be denied: this episode went out with a bang.

The plot? A big pair of fuzzy socks that made your toes feel warm; there were some holes, but they weren't very noticeable and you enjoyed the experience regardless.

The characters? The Doctor was the Doctor, with a good dark line thrown in about him by the Daleks that made me fall off my chair. Rory and Amy's relationship could have had more time to stew, and besides feeling slightly rushed (to me), was very human and realistic. Oswin, though your traditional snarky Moffat girl, pulled it together at the end when her character got more pressure.

The Daleks? It was very satisfying not to have "and we fell back through time!" again, I just have trouble with that explanation. In this episode, they're the creepiest I've ever seen them. In what was definitely their most satisfying role since 2005's Dalek, they once again played the villains, not the comic relief or ridiculous pepper-pots.
They weren't even rediculous once.
Not once.

The plot twist at the end, though. When the Doctor walked in and saw what Oswin was. That was delicious. The claustrophobia-inducing shot of Oswin screaming I AM NOT A DALEK - just brilliant.

My one main problem with the episode is that all the Daleks have forgotten about the Doctor. (I didn't even know they had a hive mind, is that Classic, or just added?) I don't want the Daleks written out of the show at all, and it seems to just squash fifty years of history like a cockroach. Smush! Hopefully there are a couple that still remember him, somewhere else.

Anyway, those are my thoughts! What are yours?


  1. "My one main problem with the episode is that all the Daleks have forgotten about the Doctor." You seem to have misspelled the beginning of this sentence. It should read, "The most original twist in..." :D I LOVE that. The Daleks certainly aren't going away - and this is the one thing we never saw coming that could shake up their plots. I think it's brilliant of Moffat! SO brilliant.
    As for Oswin, I can't say I was surprised she turned out to be a Dalek, but the scene was SO heartbreakingly acted.
    But the best part of the episode was Amy and Rory reconciling. askdfhalsdhg;asdg Right in the OTP! And my friend had some great thoughts on it -


    1. WHY ARE YOU GOING ANON EVERYWHERE? It makes me feel so separated from you. LOL. I mean, Tumblr, fine, if you must ;) but Blogger and FF.N?

      Really? Well, okay. I just feel like there was such an interesting arch-nemesis dynamic there that's gone now. You know? But yeah, it will be interesting, that's for sure.
      You weren't SURPRISED that Oswin was a Dalek? Weird, nor were my siblings, whereas I could not have expected anything less.
      I know. *hands out A++ acting stars to Karen and Jenna and Matt*

      Awesome, will check it out. I'm following her, too, so yes.

    2. I was on another computer and didn't want to sign in... And FFN wouldn't let me because I'd already reviewed chapter two back when that was your author's note. THERE IS METHOD TO MY MADNESS.

      The emotions are still there on the Doctor's side, and he's the one I really care about. ;)

    3. Okay, you are forgiven. LOL.
      This is true. But idk, still, I loved it when Eleven was just kind of hitting Daleks with a sledgehammer and there was mutual enemy-ness. *sudden feels over how much older and more tired series seven Eleven is compared to series five Eleven* But you're right.

    4. I do see where you're coming from. Just watched "Dalek" again. ALL THE NINE FEELS.

    5. I just watched, like, two minutes of The End of the World the other day. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. There's a lot of nostalgia, too, because I remember when I was new to DW, back when I first watched it.

    6. I don't think I was #newtoWHO by the time I watched S1... In 2009 Thomas Sangster graciously introduced me to Ten, and I watched twenty or so scattered episodes, including End of Time as it aired. I'm so glad I was along for the ride to hear all the news about Matt and Karen being cast... I watched S5 one at a time with the rest of the fandom. THEN I went back and watched 1-4 in order. It has some odd consequences, because when I hear "the Doctor," I think of MY Doctor, Ten - but my sister, who watched with me, thinks of Nine, as her Doctor. And I got to take the companions kind of all at once instead of going, "Nooooo, I will never like Martha!!!" or something silly like that.
      /end ramble

    7. Wow, that's so cool! I think of Eleven, my Doctor, but I started with three episodes of Ten (HUMAN NATURE!) and then went back to "Rose" and didn't catch completely up until the Christmas special had already been released. I'm still a newbie, even though I don't feel it.
      That's so unique, though. And yeah, I had a bit of a Rose withdrawal, but I never hated Martha. The companion-shock is much less when you're going through them fast, I think. I can't really think of a companion I didn't warm to just a little - I'm looking at you, Jack, for the only one I never really liked - I didn't like Amy for the longest time, but I really don't mind her at all anymore. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THE PONDS LEAVING NO NO NO