Monday, 10 June 2013

Oh, ahha, no, i can only draw stick people

 Over the past 13 months, i've rediscovered my love for art. i've been attacking all sorts of genres, i've grown a lot, and, apparently, i have some kind of innate talent that was given to me by fairies under a full moon.
i respect and appreciate compliments - they encourage me so much - and i suppose i acknowledge that i have some kind of visual gifting. But you wouldn't believe how many people i have met who, upon seeing my drawings, immediately place themselves below me on the talent scale. "Oh, i wish i could draw like that!"

Newsflash: when Mrs DaVinci  was putting little Leonardo's artwork on the fridge, it probably looked like this:
Okay. Mountainbikers. Have we got any mountainbikers here? That's great. i'm happy for you. i'm glad that your passion is the outdoors, or maybe plumbing, or cooking or surfing. There are people who aren't artistically inclined - lots of people. YAY. Diversity. A+. Fantastic. Live great lives doing your thing. Do that.

But for everyone who wishes they were born with the flower-nymph gifting of Art, please listen to what i have to say. i am not putting myself down, i am trying to share the joy i find in art, and give everyone a chance to experience it.

Art is not genius. it is not a case of Either You Have it Or You Don't. True, some people are more inclined towards painting or sketching than others, but i have found that there is a ridiculous mentality that you have to start good and get better. Nobody starts good. You suck at design? Awesome. i sucked at design before i started developing more of an eye for it. (Yes, i know that my blog's layout is awful). Actively pursue your talent, even if you're convinced you don't have any. There will be years of frustration, years where you can't quite capture what you want to capture. But just the fact that you're frustrated with your own skill shows you have an eye for what you want to do.

Oh, you protest, but the world doesn't need another artist. There are so many good artists out there. Look at the internet!

The point of art is not to be the best, guys. The point of art is not to be the best. The point of singing is not to be Adele. The point of smiling is not to be a dentist's kid. The point of sleeping is not to be Rip Van Winkle. Make art, because art is a form of self-expression that is healthy and therapeutic and fun. Make art because it is a form of communication. Make art because you've always wanted to. Don't make art because you want to be good at art.

Make art. Treat yourself to some fancy supplies you don't know how to use; none of us know the principals of watercolour when we get our first set. Scribble down your depression with a 6B pencil. Put your happiness on your driveway with chalk. Photoshop your fear.

Make art, and don't wait to be good enough.

Make art.


  1. "Scribble down your depression with a 6B pencil. Put your happiness on your driveway with chalk. Photoshop your fear."

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  2. Ahhh, this post! I love it! And so much accuracy. "The point of art is not to be the best." That line made me smile, cos recently I've stopped writing, for lack of time among other things, but have also been questioning myself. And I realized it's important to remind yourself of why you started these things in the first place and it's like you just took the words right out of my brain. Also the words the above commentor's quoted. Yes. asd;lfkajdsf;lkjads;fk

  3. Yo. This post. It means a lot to me.